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Cosy Winter Lounge

Normal life is back on track now that everyone has gone back to school and work. Personally it feels good to get back to it and have a normal routine. I am feeling charged up and to get on with my work as a fashion and lifestyle photographer.

With the shorter days right now and the weather turning much more colder it’s nice to see the environment change around me here in Cornwall. I get inspired by the colours and the bleakness that winter brings. I am loving the view from our bedroom window right now.

lifestyle blogger Cornwall

After the Christmas decorations get put away I like to to make our home ready for winter and those cold evenings. Enjoying these winter evenings at home, I have been making our cottage feel more cosy. If last winter was anything to go by, I am making sure that our home is as cosy as it can be.

So what have I done to our lounge to make it more cosy?

Coffee and biscuits by the fire

FIREPLACE : We have stocked up with wood for the log burner. We tend to only put a fire on if it gets really cold. Our pug Rodney loves being near the fireplace. It’s nice to sit on the rug drink a coffee and have a few biscuits while you chat about your day.

lifestyle blogger, blog Cornwall

TEXTURES : It’s nice to lay out different textures around the lounge to give that cosy vibe. You can do that by laying them on your arm chairs and sofas. We have baskets of soft warm blankets ready to snuggle into and cushions of different fabrics on the sofa and floor foot stool. I recently brought a new black and white woven rug from a local store which I love. I think that tenure helps with the winter feel too. All the sheepskin rugs are out which our cats and dogs LOVE!

lifestyle blogger, blog Cornwall
lifestyle blogger, blog Cornwall

LIGHT: I am a huge lover for fairy lights and I don’t understand why you can’t have them up all year round? We have some along the ceiling that glow a warm light which looks great against the cream walls. I have some small pine cone ones in our fire place for when the log burner isn’t on. On our coffee table I love to have more candles on this time of year than other times of the year because, it helps it look more cosy. My favourite are from The White Company. Right now we are using the Autumn one which is a floral and fruity scent with musk and amber. It is in the sale right now here.

lifestyle blogger, blog Cornwall
lifestyle blogger, blog Cornwall

WELLBEING: Drinking way more milk free hot chocolates and having time out after my working day. I tend to finish work about 7pm and then have a nice long bubble bath or look through a book with my hot chocolate.

lifestyle blogger, blog Cornwall

I have recently got this new book called the The House Witch: Your Complete Guide to Creating a Magical Space with Rituals and Spells for Hearth and Home. I can’t wait to get into this book and put some rituals into play for our home life. It’s going to be my winter project for sure. You can get this book from here


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