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On Instagram I receive a lot of questions about my personal life and my work life as a photographer. I love receiving messages from people and they are always interesting questions. Sometimes it can be about lighting, or my favourite camera or it can be about my pug! So I thought I would do a blog post with my most asked questions.

How did you get into photography?

I have always loved photography from capturing my children growing up, capturing memories and documenting research. I am very dyslexic, so it has always been a tool for me to communicate in a visual manner.

After my fine art degree I was commissioned by businesses and friends to photograph for them. This happened naturally so I turned into a business as more and more people hired me. I started my career as a fashion designer, so fashion photography was an area I knew a lot about so I naturally went down that road.

Why are you not labelled as a fashion photographer?

I don’t class myself as just a fashion photographer because, I don’t just get hired to photograph fashion. A HUGE percentage of my work is in fashion and I have worked in the fashion industry for 20 years.

As a photographer I work with a number of global brands creating content for them and part of the reason I love what I do is because, it is different each day. I don’t just want to be labelled as one type of photographer as it isn’t true to what I offer my clients.

What camera do you use mainly?

I love my Canon 5D111 it’s such a great camera.

Why are you not based in London?

I get asked this all the time. As a photographer working for the clients I have I could be based anywhere in the world due to the internet. I used to work in London but, because I have a family I prefer the slow life here in Cornwall. This doesn’t effect my work and brands send me stock to photograph or I travel to them. Cornwall isn’t as remote as people seem to think.

What is about Cornwall that you like?

I love the light and how the seasons here change slowly. It is a slow paced place and the countryside is beautiful. My surroundings inspire me daily.  We have great food, awesome beaches and there is no where else I would want to live.

If you could photograph one person dead or a live who would it be?

I would LOVE to photograph James Corden.

On your days off what do you do?

I have a slow morning always with a nice breakfast. I either go for a walk to a coastal path, harbour or a beach or our near by woodlands. I like to be in nature and stop for a hot chocolate or a good coffee. If the weather is bad I am either researching or sat with my pug Rodney.


Do you have any other hobbies outside of your photography work?

I love to paint in my home studio. I graduated from Falmouth University in 2011 and was an abstract painter and then my photography  business took off. So now painting is like my ‘yoga’, it’s some me time and a place for me to chill out. I just love it. You can see my Instagram account here 

Is your hair naturally curly?

Yes it is. I used to hate my hair as I never new what to do with it. Now as I am older I love my hair and wouldn’t want it straight. I guess over time you learn to love what you have.

Your go to outfit is?

I have gone back to my art college roots and love a pair of dungarees that remind me of the 90’s. My favourite brand is Lucy + Yak.

Where is your favourite place in Cornwall to visit?

It is Kynance Cove because whenever you go in any season it’s always magical and different every time you visit. I am lucky we live near by so I don’t have far to go but I could spend hours there. I love walking along the cliffs or down on the beach.

Do you do business mentoring?

Yes this year I have been mentoring women in business for 6 week plans. I have really enjoyed because, I get to inspire them, teach them everything I have learnt myself and leave them falling in love with their business once again, it’s very rewarding. If you would like to know more please drop me a message.

Do you follow fashion trends?

I used to in my 20’s and 30’s but now I’m in my 40’s I loved good quality, comfy and clothes that I actually love, not because they are in fashion. I must admit that since I was a teenager I do LOVE a designer hand bag.

Do you do any fashion styling?

I have done a lot in the past yes and I often get asked for advice and tips from friends and women in business I come across, which is very flattering. I love fashion and it’s a great way to show your personality.

You do a lot of content creation for brands, is this something you enjoy? Why do you think it is important?

There’s nothing I love more than telling someones visual story through my photography. I think it’s so important to have unique visual content for your own brand. It helps you stand out and shows the world YOUR story. Photography acts as the first impression for your brand, it’s your visual story and an image can speak to your clients better than any single catchphrase.

Do you do all your own photography styling?

Yes I love to create sets and style up spaces for creative flat lay photography work. Our cottage has been popular with my clients this year, so I often get asked to photograph items for brands in our home. Part of my career was in interior styling so that with my fashion and fine art background helps me with the styling. It is a huge part of my story telling process.

What is the best advice you can give a photographer who is starting out?

To practice everyday.

Photograph only the subjects you want to be hired to do.

Always be nice to people and look after your teams you work with.

Do not let anyone dampen your dreams and ideas

AND you DON’T have to live in London if you want to be a fashion photographer!


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