How to get Images For Your Instagram Grid

Do you ever have that feeling of not knowing what to post on Instagram or Facebook? You have that dreaded thought of “I should post something”, then you start looking through your phone trying to find that perfect image. At times like this it’s probably best not to post anything at all.

If you follow me on Instagram you may of heard me talking about why I do not follow the numbers game. Of late there seems to be so many rules about what to post, how to have your feed etc etc. My Instagram account isn’t just a portfolio, it’s my real life and I am not the kind of person who is thre just for the number of followers. I am however very happy to have so many awesome people support my journey on there.

As my whole life and work is visual, I completely understand the need to make your own feed look good. So I thought I would give some tips on how how to choose images for your Instagram grid.


1. You already have images.

You probably don’t realise that you may have images on your phone that are good to go or haven’t been edited yet, or perhaps you’ve forgotten about. Have a look at what you have already and I’m sure you may find that one epic image. Try to get into the practise of capturing day to day life and moments on your phone. Then you slowly build up an image bank of visual content.

2. Ask a Friend

You’ve heard about the Instagram husband? Well you could ask your partner, friend or family member to spend an hour (or whatever time they can spare) with you to take some shots for you to use. You never know it could even be fun!S

3. Regram

Share the love, how about sharing a brand that you are into, a quote or some art from another account you really like.

4. Hire a photographer

Hire a photographer who can create a body of images for you to use. Spread the photographs out across platforms and keep some back so you have an image bank to use. A good way of making them last is to include them in with your own so they go further. I am waving my hand right now if you would like some help with some fresh content!

Using visual content is an important and powerful component of your marketing. It draws your audience in, creates excitement, intimacy and engagement like no other.

I can help you take your Instagram feed to whole new level (of awesomeness) and create high-quality content to share with your followers. Want to know more? pop over to my website and drop me a message.


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