Marie Antoinette Visual Story

A few weeks back I was asked if I would like to be a part of a drag photo shoot with my favourite model, but also with a costume designer in an incredible location. So if you know me there was three things that ticked my YES list which was the clothing, the model and the location, so I knew it would be a great visual story.

On the actual day we had a limited shoot time because, we were all working on other things that day and we had the sun setting within an hour of reaching the location. The model Roland was doing his makeup in the car after being picked up from work and then it was quick, quick, quick before we lost the light. That gave me some tim etc take in the venue with all it’s history and beauty.


The venue just blew my mind! It was a very old house that was in ruins, that had plants and trees growing inside the building. My dream venue to photograph in. The light was incredible and it bounced off the building and the silk dress.

The dress was made by the very talented costume designer Jo Lang. With working in fashion I always feel that fashion is needed to be seen moving. How this dress moved was beautiful. It was made so well and looked like it stepped out of a museum.

Here are my favourite shots from this Marie Antoinette story.

MODLE : Roland Bray




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