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My Six Favourite Corners Of Our Home

I love living in Cornwall and even more so in our little Cornish cottage. Within our home are a few favourite corners of mine that I thought I would share with you.

When it comes to our living space I do love styling it up, it’s actually part of my career background as an Interior Designer reinvigorating peoples homes and businesses and upcycling and decorating furniture. Finding a colour palette for a shared space is not always easy, ours happened naturally over time with my husband Steve and myself. We have a colour palette of white walls with some grey, sea blues and greens with hints of orange. We like old signage, lettering and wooden boxes, a cosy vibe with lots of plants and candles.


1. ART – Steve and I love art and its been a big part of our lives – after all we did meet at art college. We have a lot of paintings by local artists around our home but our favourites are in the lounge by Danny Fox and Sam Bassett.


2. SHELVES –  I find styling shelves can be hard. You don’t want too much on them or too little. I try to go with colours and shapes that fit well together. On the shelves in our lounge we have a few of my favourite inspirational photography books, a gift made from mum, fake plants and photographs of our two children when they were little. As Steve is a graphic designer he loves signage, so we have a collection of old lettering scattered around our cottage, one of which sits alongside a beautiful buddha.



3. DISCO –  I have a thing for fairy lights and disco balls. I found this disco ball a few years ago and had to buy it. When the low sunlight comes into this space and hits the tiles it fills the lounge with magical lights. I am also that person who doesn’t just put up fairy lights at Christmas, I like them all year round. It helps give that ‘cosy’ vibe to a space.



4. PLANTS – We are both plant obsessed so there a quite alot of plants around the cottage, mainly in the downstairs space where we spend most of our time together. I do have a few fake plants in tricky areas that don’t get great light, fake plants are ideal when you want that natural green look in dark corners.



5. COFFEE TABLE – I love our coffee table which was bought over 20 years ago, it just gets better with age.  When styling areas I like to have items grouped and contained. I brought this tray to hold some of my favourite treasures; two large crystals, some plants, some nature from my Canada trip last year and of course candles.



Inspired by our love for plants, I bought these cushions recently in Marks & Spencer’s which I knew would look perfect on our sofa, our Pug Rodney seems to approve!



6. HOME OFFICE – Having a lovely work space is a must have for me because I run my photography business from home and spend a lot of time there, it helps to keep focus and encourages creativity.

My desk is an old one made from oak which was given to me from my Mum years ago. I up-cycled the desk a few years ago and painting the top white as it was looking a little too worn in.

On the walls around me I framed photographs from my Canada trip, a large bunny head that Steve bought me, I have two polaroids of my kids framed from our holiday this year a couple of wall decorations also from our holiday.

I like to have fake plants on my desk to bring in that green colour, crystals are always near by and lots of coffees!


What are your favourite corners in your home?

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