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Tips For Better Outfit Photos

Never has it been so popular to share a portrait of yourself on your own social media. It’s become more personal to show the person behind the brand. Weather you are a blogger, a Youtuber or you just need need some outfit content for your Instragam, here are my tips on how to get better  outfit photographs.

1. THE PLAN: First it comes down to planning, having that idea of what you want to cover, what you want to be photographed and how. It’s a lot easier to get a photo you love if you know what you want. The more organised you are the more images you will have in the end. A great way of doing this is shooting quickly outfits that go together on your bed on your phone so you can see in a visual way what you want to do.

2. THE HOW: Now how are you going to photograph the content? You can either set your camera on self timer mode or ask a friend, a family member or make your partner into that famous ‘Instagram husband’. When it comes to poses I prefer the ‘candid’ look , that look off in to the distance, the laugh and smile. If you are doing this your self and using your iPhone you could set the self timer and and use the iPhone burst mode. Have some fun and then you can pick your favourite shot. This could be you walking, turning around or a range of small poses.


3. BACKGROUND: Using your back garden or outside your home is fine to start with but you will soon want better backgrounds. It’s time to get outside out on location. The awkwardness of an audience will soon go, I promise you. When picking your location it could help with the story you are showcasing:


– You might want a simple background so you pop out of the surroundings. 


– You might need a backdrop that south the season you are covering.


4. WALLS: Wall spaces are fantastic, they can really make an outfit shot pop.  This could be an interesting wall colour or pattern. Or an old pealing paint or a good pale coloured wall.

5. LAYERS: When you are showing off one outfit, it’s good to have layers and accessories because you can take a layer off, show off that hat or hand bag. As you can see in this group of images, I was showing off one outfit but we got a lot more images than just the one.  This provides more of a story.

6. Create yourself a big image bank of photographs with the outfit shots you have just created and add these in with everyday images from your phone photographs. Then you will always have a big bank of content to use across all of your social media platforms. Don’t share all the best images as soon as you have them, space them out so they go further.


7. Now of course the best way of getting great imagery, a bank of content that is on brand without any stress is to hire a photographer ( I am waving at you right now) When you hire a photographer tell them what you want, show them your brand, your social media platforms and the things you like so that they have a good understanding before your shoot. Bring a range of outfits with you that you can easily change into as the more you have the more you will have regarding content.  Think about location with a diverse backdrops to get as many images you can for your feeds.





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