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Setting Myself Goals For The Summer

The schools broke up and it has felt like a whirlwind at fast speed ever since. We started our summer holidays with a short break away but I now feel like when I was a kid, when you would break up school with that feeling of wanting to make the most out of everyday.

Juggling work life and seeing my mini adults during the summer has always been hard. It’s easier now as they are little anymore, but I do want that good balance to working, being still and spending time with them.

I have been setting myself little goals just to head towards and try to help the juggle.

1. ME TIME: To take one to two days off per week. I know this doesn’t sound like much but when you run your business actually stopping to do nothing is at times hard. Both my mini adults have their own life and are out either working or with friends, so I need some downtime with them and days out BUT also to remember ME. What I am saying is it’s important to take tim out for ourselves to actually do nothing. For me this means no marketing, not touching emails or editing and to do something that I will enjoy. So one of my goals is to have some Emma downtime which I will either paint in my studio, have a long walk or just sit and chill out.

2. MEMORIES: Continue printing off photographs from the months that have past to stick in actual albums. I noticed a year or so ago that most of my kids memories where digital so I made a pact with ,myself to print off images every 3 – 6 months so they can look back on them. So I need to get things in order and even more so after our break away.

3. BUSINESS:  I go through weeks so fast with work I have been hired to create that at times I loose the fact that I also need to plan some time to create images for myself…for fun.  There is nothing I would rather do than what I do as a fashion and lifestyle photographer and I LOVE getting briefs from clients and then turning that into reality. I feel it is so important as a photographer to also create work that is just for you. This could be a colour palette, or a theme you want to try out. So I need time this summer to plan out some ideas that are running through my head.

4. OUTDOORS: One of my goals is to make use of this stunning weather and eat and have fun in the evenings in our garden. Have tunes on, candles good food and drink and have a laugh. I need more of this please!

So do you make summer goals? I would LOVE to know what is on your list.

(This dress by the way is a recent vintage find for only £4.00.)


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