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Spring Evening

When you both work from home at times you can feel a little house-bound. The other evening both our kids were home at a good time so we thought we would make the most of the lovely weather.

We packed up a flask of coffee, grabbed a blanket and headed to a nearby beach called Gunwalloe Cove, which is a National Trust owned beach.

It’s one of my favourites because it’s never really busy and I love the rocks. It’s not a sandy beach instead its pretty much full of stones, but OMG those pebbles are pretty! You can normally find a good heart shaped pebble there. Steve and I often go down and watch the sunset there.

There’s actually two beaches side-by-side separated by a really cute church called St Wynwallow. The beach after the church is strangely a sandy beach and just as beautiful. You know when you find that ideal beach where the sand is super soft? Well this is such a beach!

Ever since this evening I have been back for a walk here most days. We are planning some family BBQ’s and more sunset watching evenings soon, which of course I will share on here. Although our kids are in their teens now, I do find it’s a great way of burning off energy – especially for my son! Also as we have busy lives and so do they, it’s nice way to actually spend good quality time together.

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